Love is the Answer. . . Or So I've Been Told 

The old recording studio was partitioned cubicle at the end of a chicken run. It was a freezing January evening with no heat inside. As I sat in a creeking chair gazing at a wall of expensive electronics, my breath almost froze solid as I waited for Mud to count me in.

The last thing I wanted was to sit in a dark, dank recording studio on a cold winters' evening, huddled in a corner, watching the others trying to insulate themselves from the cold with whatever they could find lying around, just enough to prevent the vocal chords from icing over.

At one point I thought to myself, why am I doing this when I could be sat at home with my old man in front of one of his roaring fires? Then all of a sudden, it hit me; I'm doing this for LOVE: for the LOVE of MUSIC, my FAITH, and more importantly for the LIVES those whom this song might touch for the good.

So now every time I hear the track we recorded that evening, "Love is the Answer", it takes me back to that cold dark night in January 1980, when for a moment all I wanted to do was pack up and go home, yet the end result might mean a great deal for someone who hears this song and finds comfort in what can often appear to be a dark cold world with little REAL LOVE to offer!

Listen to one of Cherith's Christian rock songs below:

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