Cherith's Music to Appear in UK Drama Series, "The Secret", starring James Nesbitt!

The Producers of the upcoming drama mini-series, "The Secret" (starring James Nesbitt), will play the music of Christian music group Cherith in three of the four episodes of the mini-series. TV production company Hat Trick Productions Ltd., have licensed for ITV, three tracks from the first and second albums of the popular Northern Ireland Christian band who filled concert halls across the UK and Ireland in the 1970s and 1980s. The band's music will be played in the background during various scenes of the new drama series. The first episode airs UK-wide on ITV this Friday 29 April at 9pm. Viewers in N.Ireland can follow the series on UTV. If easy-listening country gospel music is your thing and you'd like to listen to more of the band's songs, you can download Cherith's albums free of charge at,

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